Nutrigenomic Test Kit with Interpretation $159

Your metabolic health is a combination of both nature and nurture. Your genes, combined with your lifestyle determine your risk for metabolic disease which is made up of the following component diseases: diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia and obesity. While it is true that you have no influence over your genetic code, the presence of certain genes can tell us a lot about the specific type of lifestyle habits that will best promote health for you. There are approximately 70 different metabolic pathways and over 2,000 individual genes involved in metabolism, each one providing insight into your risk for metabolic disease and how you can "lifestyle" your way to optimum health. Decades of research have provided information on how specific genes influence our ability to manage weight, respond to different types of diet and exercise, and even how well our body absorbs and uses the macro and micro nutrients we consume. With a few swabs of the inside of your cheek, your genetic makeup can be analyzed to develop your specific Nutrigenomic DNA Test. Together with your healthcare providers, this information can be used to determine what your current and long-term metabolic health risks are and what specific lifestyle changes will be most effective in promoting improvements.